My name’s Brandon. This blog is about my life, my history, my thoughts and feelings as well as some skills, hacks, tips and tricks that make life easier or could save your life if in a pinch: many of them have saved mine.

I have witnessed, participated in(and sometimes started), or one way or another been somehow involved with an astounding number of intense, often dangerous, ofttimes unbelievable situations. I’ve been told by many a person that I should write a book. Well, that’s a work in progress and a lot of that progress is contained within. Herein lies my life.

I fervently believe  in honesty. That’s gotten me into trouble from time to time but, hey, I sleep like a baby. Sometimes one must use tact when dealing with humans though. I know what I mean but you might not. Usually I mean no offense but direct, unadulterated honesty isn’t always the best policy.

I was born in San Diego, California, but raised in the Salt Lake City area of Utah(Draper/Sandy specifically). I hunt(kinda obsessed with it actually), fish, backpack, snowboard, etc etc etc. This passion of mine has given me a unique perspective as a result of the situations I’ve been in.

My greatest passion in life is learning. Anything. Everything. Yes please. More please. I’m not saying that I’m good, or even really proficient, at all the things that I’ve learned over my life(though I learn quickly and have a good memory/brain), but it has put me into environments and around people that has made my life… interesting. I’ve certainly learned a lot.

My personal life has been very colorful. I’m a recovering Heroin addict(clean since 12/7/07, WOOT!!!) but got far too involved with drugs and money. At one point, before I got into Heroin, I was selling party drugs(Ecstacy/MDMA, Ketamine, Weed, ‘Shrooms, etc.) and quickly became a larger player in that scene, moving fairly large quantities of illicit substances.

I hope you enjoy my writing. I certainly enjoy writing it. 🙂

Hack your way through life. Contained within are both computer and life hacks, survival skills and strategies, and stories. Lots of stories…